Solventless laminator WRJ i9 series

  • 【CWDS】Coating Weight Directly Inputting system
  • 【MRPS】Multiple Ratio Protection System
  • 【CCMS】Coating Clearance Memorizing System
  • 【FCS】Fast Cleaning System
  • 【ZETS】Zero-error Tension Stabilizing system
  • 【PCWD】Precise Coating Weight Detecting system
  • 【FGPS】Foolproof Glue Preparation System
  • Models: WRJ i9-1000A, WRJ i9-1300A, WRJ i9-1600A
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Features & Advantages

1. Adopts  advanced green and eco-friendly packing technology
2. No wrinkle when 0.06 mm thickness aluminum foil go through running roller 
3. Process parameters online printing out
4. No bubbles on the surface of laminated films of aluminum foil structure right after finishing laminating
5 High viscosity glue feeding and coating applicable
6. Accurate swinging arm tension to control aluminum foil movement
7. Active unwinding for aluminum foil through motor control
8. Special taper curve of rewinding tension for laminated films of aluminum foil structure
9. More capable, more refined, with five roller coating system
10. Closed-loop tension control via dancer roller


Technical parameters


Model WRJ i9-1000A WRJ i9-1300A WRJ i9-1600A
Max laminating width 1050mm 1350mm 1650mm
Max unwinding diameter Φ 800mm Φ 800mm Φ 800mm
Max rewinding diameter Φ 1000mm Φ 1000mm Φ 1000mm
Max power 60KW 70KW 80KW
Mould temperature control machine 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets
Weight 7500KG 8000KG 9000KG
Dimension 6000mm*2600mm*2800mm 6000mm*3200mm*2800mm


Film flow


The Solventless Laminating Machine has a very wide range of applications, mainly used to laminate various kinds of flexible bags, not only suitable for light packagings, such as OPP / CPP, PET / PE, PA / PE, OPP / VMCPP, some heavy-duty packaging and functional packaging, such as high-temperature cooking, aluminum foil available. It has the advantages of high efficiency, good performance, and solvent residue-free.


According to the application of the bag
Baked goods Frozen food
Snacks Meat
Nuts, dried fruit and seeds  Tea&coffee
Confectionery Wine and spirits
Pet goods Herbs, spices, and sauces
Ice cream Grocery products
Fish, seafood Personal care

flexible packaging industry



High Coating Quality With Accurate Coating Control


Electrical Control Panel


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